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OK, I know about Percy Warner and Bowie Parks.  I LOVE them!  Where else can I easily get to and ride in one day?  What are your favorite places to ride in and around Nashville?

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I happened to be investigating myself and found the following in your area: I have not been to either of them as I am in the south part of middle Tn. I have been to Laurel Hill however (great place), not sure how far that is for you.

Many Cedars Campground and Trail Rides
There are about 60 miles of wooded trails that wind through approximately 3,200 acres. The trails lead over the hills and through the hollows, across streams and the Buffalo River. The trails are very well marked and a map is available at the main building.
They do not host a regular week long ride, but do welcome groups and can customize a package to meet your needs. Please call for extended stay and group rates. Once a month they have a one day guided ride with a meal included. Other special events will be offered occasionally throughout the season.
Located on the Buffalo River about 15 miles Northeast of the Buffalo River Trail Ride Campground North or Waynesboro.
For more information and to make reservations call (931) 796-4384
233 Pollock Cemetery Road, Hohenwald Tn, 38462

Nashville International Airport
My name is David Frensley and I am the Equine Program Manager at the Nashville International Airport in Nashville Tennessee. We are opening two equine trails May of 2006 for public use.

David J. Frensley, Sr.
Equine Program Manager
Nashville International Airport
Department of Public Safety
921 Airport Service Road
Nashville Tennessee 37214
Office (615) 275-4423
Fax (615) 275-1451
Well, I've been to Many Cedars and it wasn't the greatest of experiences. I went with a group. The trails that we took were downright dangerous - I thought - and we got lost and went in circles! Now that doesn't mean that they don't have great trails and that perhaps I should be the holder of the map! I may try Many Cedars again sometime.
About the airport ...... I am actually cleared to ride there. You have to go through a background check and a class to be authorized to ride there. I did all that and can't find anyone willing to ride with me out there. You are not allowed to ride there alone. You have to either have someone else that is authorized in the program or a guest. Well, word has gotten around that between the radar swooping around and making noise and the planes landing and taking off, the trail is hard to manage. I haven't gotten to ride out there because of this. ALSO, they have construction going on and all the construction equipment - dump trucks, front end loaders, etc - are at the trail head where you park the trailer and load and unload. This doesn't make for the friendliest of evironments. I'm not a sissy, I just don't want to get me or my horse hurt because of any of this. If it weren't for the construction, I would have found someone on the list of authorized riders and tried the trail by now. I'm told that the construction will go for at least another year. And, yes, I checked to see if they work seven days a week thinking I could go on their day off. I was told that they work seven days! They did take Labor Day off and I was set to go, but the person going with me backed out after hearing horror stories about the noise.

Patti, how do we get info about getting authorized to ride at the airport? Patty B

In Maury County we have two: Yanahli and Williamsport Lakes. Just google; TWRA and follow the maps link to the horse trail maps for middle tennessee. Yanahli is just about 4 miles off I-65 at the Hwy 50 exit between Lewisburg and Columbia. Turn toward Columbia, as you cross Fountain Creek slow down the entry is on the right, sign says; Duck River Trail System.
I have found those trail references before, but didn't know how well the trails were marked, how well they are maintained, and how safe they are. Is there activity there during the week?
Natchez Trace Parkway has trailheads at Garrison Creek (not far from the Leipers Fork/Hwy 46 on/off ramps), at hwy 7, and at hwy 50. There are also people who ride in the Primm Springs area but I haven't ridden there, so I can't say anything about the trails. I have ridden at Mt Pillar Trails outside of Centerville. The trails are wide and easy, pastures and woods. You have to call Mr. Fred and make reservations though, so spur of the moment 'Let's go ride today' last minute rides won't work there. It is a nice place, though.
I forgot to put the phone number and web page address. The phone number to call is 1-931-729-2378 and the web page is www.mtpillartrails.com
Good morning:
I live in Covington (an hour north of Memphis). I have Mondays off, Natchez Trace is about two hour drive for me.
Hi, I am new to the area from N.Carolina and a regular (daily) trail rider looking for buddies.  I will be living near the Hwy 7 access to the Trace.  I am thrilled to find this site and hope I can connect with some local trail riders???
Susan,  Welcome to middle Tennessee!!!  Do you like long slow rides or more adventurous ones?  What type of horse do you have?  What type of riding do you do?
I like a 12-15 mile ride at a nice forward walk or slow gait -- have small Paso Fino ponies.  You?
A 12-15 mile would be wonderful!  I basically would have to do the trails at Percy Warner twice around to get that much mileage in.  But I have done that!  I enjoy walking, yes, but I love trotting too.  I have an arab, a half-arab, and a big warmblood that I ride.  That means that I have a choice from small to big!


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