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More trails are coming to Columbia, Tn.  This is great news and the area is on Iron Bridge Road across the river from the boat ramp.  The new park is to be a multi-purpose recreational area.

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The park has 477 acres and there are 700 additional acres can be used for trails.  Enough to have great trail!!!  Maury Magic Riders can have trails across the road from their facilities.

Keep us posted on this.  Love to see move trails in this area.

Sounds GREAT!  Will there be campsite available?

Eventually, yes.  It has taken years to get permission for the park to be developed for recreational use.  It will be managed by the Maury County Parks and recreation board members.  The land owned by the State of Tennessee was originally purchased by TVA to build a lake or water reservoir.  12,800 acres was purchased from citizens and the lake was never built.  The land was federally owned and given to the state of Tennessee to be used as a multi-purpose recreational area and hunting preserve.   We have a horse trail at Fountain Creek of 7.5 or 8 mile.  That trail was developed in the late 80's before the state of Tennessee acquired ownership.

The land was stolen from the citizens.  My first job out of high school was with a local engineering firm who marked many of the TVA boundaries of the Columbia dam and lake.  More than one farmer met us with a shotgun as we showed up to survey.

Just ask them, they'll tell you it was stolen.

I'm happy to see the public get to use a portion of it.

There was a law suit to return the land back to the original owners.  The Davis Ford farm was bought from my father-in-law, so we joined the court case.  The ruling was the land would not be returned to the owners but be used for the benefit of all.  That court case was in the ninety's and now some can be used for something beside hunting.  I enjoy hunting and am still a hunter but I also enjoy other outdoor activities.  Horseback riding should not stop hunting but hunting should not stop horseback riding.

Thanks to everyone who worked hard to make this possible...as a Senior citizen here in Maury County I eagerly look forward to riding the trails!

Is there anything we can do to help?

Waiting for surveying to be completed.  Not a loss of excitement just a period of waiting.  Will update soon.  Thanks for your interest.


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