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Maury county parks is doing a survey as to recreational needs in Columbia area.  Please take time to go to  www.maury county-tn.gov and complete the survey.  This helps the parks service accurately assess the needs of the area.  There is no public horseback riding in Marshall, Giles counties and could expand the trails in Maury county.   Once you get to the Maury county site, click on Parks and Recreation on left side of page.  

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Thanks for posting this. Will do.

The Yanahli land is the area bought by TVA to build a lake.   The project was stopped in 1985 and the land was given to the state of Tennessee as a multi-purpose recreational area and a wma.  The total space is 12,800 acres. Hunting should not be stopped but hunting should not stop us from enjoying the beauty of this land.  The deadline for completing the survey is June 15.

My family and I just moved here Lewisburg, from Ohio. I have a question about the Fountain Creek, on 50 west. We ride with 4 family members who are novices, and the question I had is, would the trails at Fountain Creek be ok for beginners, some are children? Also does any one know of trails within a 40 mile radius of Lewisburg we could go to ride, there are eight of us? Would appreciate the info. How many miles is the Fountain Creek trail?

Fountain Creek trail is about 9 miles.  It is a fairly easy trail.  I see all ages riding the trail so it is hard to accurately say if it is suitable for you.  Laurel Hill is a wonderful place to ride because of the mature trees and the abundant water.  The trails are more difficult at Laurel Hill.  To find a map go to Laurel Hill WMA and look for horse trails.  This area is lacking in available places to ride but efforts are being made to open more.   Please get involved.


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