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The land transfer is completed.  Maury County is the registered owner of 477 acres of land.  It is to be used for recreation.  Trails, campground for Mule Wagon Trail and many other activities are coming soon.  A big special thanks to Senator Jim Tracy and Maury County Parks and Recreation for helping make this happen.  One of the first signs of development will be an entrance.  

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I am so excited.  Let us know if there is any way we can help out.  I am looking forward to having horse trails nearby.

Such great news, we just started riding this gem of a area, can anyone tell me the area designated for riding now(Yanahli off rte. 50), is there any hunting going in that area right now thru Jan.? If so has anyone ridden there during the hunting season?   Beautiful area, really enjoyed riding it.  

We worked at Yanahli today(11-20-14).  The area is beautiful and rides are underway.  Soon trails will marked and ready to ride.  If you have desire to have input on trails let us know.  Thank everyone involved.

Thank you for the update Larry.  Let us know if we can help in any way and when the trails are ready to ride.  I have been hoping for trails to open nearby.  A gravel parking area would be great.

A gravel parking area is already there.  It needs to be increased in size but a big rig can turn around there.  Come down Lofton Rd.  Past Maury Magic Riders and you will come to a parking area.  Eventually the entrance will be immediately after crossing the bridge on Iron bridge rd.  Signs are being placed around the perimeter to inform users this is a Park.  The area has been bush-hogged and ready to ride.  The area is beautiful.

Again great news, we would love to come and ride, we also could be available for any help you would need?   It will be great to have a trail nearby, that is safe to ride in hunting season.  Could we come this Saturday to ride?

Bush-hogging is done and the area is being studied for trails and other activities.  Hopefully a Museum is in the future.  Primitive camping looks like a possibility and we welcome input and help. We will not be out there this weekend but will be back next week.  A dog park is in the near future as well as an entrance just past the bridge on Iron Bridge Rd.  It has taken several years to get to this point and every effort is being made to do it correctly.  Can you ride the first of next week?  (tuesday)  The Maury County Park is in charge and wants input from citizens.

Thanks for your hard work Larry....as a Senior trail rider it will be great to have another place close to home! Let us know when it is open for riding....

Larry- this is very exciting.  Sounds like you are ready to ride!   Would you be willing to pick a day to give us a "tour"?   Any day or time that's good for you!   Might be a great way to get organizing folks and horse folks together - we could have a "planning meeting" from horseback!  LOL!


Is this place open to ride  today, Saturday ?

Hi Larry,  Any news on the trails opening up for spring riding?


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