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I know where there is a Palamino/white with blue eyes,can be triple registered with Spotted walking/Spotted saddle and Racking papers!!! He is 16 months old and is still a stud. He has been handled alot and is gentle. He should be 14.3Hh tall. He is a stout built horse. If you want a contact number send me a comment. Oh yeah,I almost forgot ,he only wants $300.00 for it. It is in Mississippi,but can be brought to Tennessee. Just thought I'd pass this on!!! She may be putting him on the TTR classified in the near future,with pics...

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I would love to see some pictures! If he is colored up good, in good healthy shape, and natural gaited - I will just take him!!!

Tibbs HIghway Horse Farm
Petersburg, TN
Hey Leighanne,I called my friend in Mississippi and gave her your number. I'm sure the horse is healthy, but Marjie could tell you more and send you photo's. Thanks for your response,Audrey


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