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would anyone like to go to chickasaw tomorrow for a ride?

i would really love to go to chickasaw tomorrow since this weekend has been BEAUTIFUL! i have room for one in the trailer, or you can bring your own. just really don't wanna ride by myself, would love some company. easy to get along with, and i dont smoke/drink, but don't mind if you do. i have a appaloosa/lippizzaner i will be bringing along, no problems, no spooking, i love to occassionally run but will walk/trot most of the trail. let me know! would love to go around noon for 2-3 hours, or more if you would like. i can haul your horse in my trailer if you need, just ask that you pitch in a little on gas. i live in henderson tn. let me know!!!

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Where is Chickasaw? Where is Henderson Tenn.? I live in Columbia,Tenn. Later,Audrey
chickasaw is off of hwy 100 right outside of henderson tn.. henderson is right outside of jackson,tn. zip code is 38340 if you want to mapquest.
Hi there, I would love to go riding with you. I am not for sure were bath springs is. I live in Adamsville which is like 30 mins south of henderson. My horse doesnt have a coggins, and my two horse trailer is the open top and doesnt have a tarp on it. I know it suppose to be like 60 but i still wouldnt want to haul her with it being open.


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