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No riding will be allowed during turkey hunts; April 3-6 and 16-19. You may ride all other days. April will be a great time to ride when the dogwoods and redbuds start blooming around the lakes it is spectacular!  We had a great time on Saturday. Lovely people and a lovely day! Hope more will join us on our next ride.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski

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I was so sad to miss the ride on Sat.,had to go to Louisville to visit my daughter,when is the next ride there?
No organized ride planned soon, but if you want to go there let me know and I will show you the trails.
Blessings, Linda
ok that sounds good have a blessed week
Linda, I would love to check out the trails at Williamsport. Would you be willing to meet me there to ride? I am off next Wednesday and Saturday.
This is MULE DAY all week here in Columbia and I am one of the official workers. No riding for me until the 12th. Come visit Thur-Sat is a lot of fun. Otherwise would love to ride with you.
Thanks maybe after Mule Day, I will have to come out that weekend.
We rode Williamsport Good Friday. The buttercups were in full bloom as were the hawthorne bushes, wild cherry and wild pear trees, accented by the redbuds and dogwoods. It is a good place to ride.
I rode at Why Not Wednesday. I came down the Natchez Trace from Williamson county to get there and the Trace was gorgeous with blooming dogwoods and redbud trees! I don't think I've ever seen so many redbuds in the woods before. Very beautiful drive...I am working this weekend and then going out of town next weekend, or I would definitely ride down the Trace on my horse to see it all up close!
Tell me more about Williamsport. Haven't been there. Is there a campground?
No campground. This is Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency land. It is free to ride around several lakes. It was a good challenging ride with some hills, open land, some wide trails without being too scary! It really does have a lot to offer. Be sure to spray yourself with OFF.
I stand corrected. I have been to Williamsport, but only rode the trail that follows the Natchez Trace, off of 50. Where is this ride from there? Sounds like somewhere I would like to go. Are the trails easy to follow or should we go with someone who knows the trails?
Williamsport Lakes WMA entrance is on Hwy 50 between Centerville and Columbia. I haven't ridden the trails yet but have been there fishing. I plan to go soon, hopefully with someone who had ridden the trails and are familiar with them. There may be other places to get into the WMA but I don't know about any except the one on Hwy 50.


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