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Ok...spring is here! Who is riding this weekend and where are ya going? Looking for some body to ride with on Saturday in the middle TN area. Laurel Hill, Many Cedars, Natchez Trace...open for suggestions! I know the grass needs mowing, etc. etc. but come on...you know you want to ride this weekend!

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I would LOVE to ride this Saturday. I am coaching a soccer game in the morning, so I wouldn't be able to leave until 11, but I would love to meet up somewhere, I don't like to ride alone. I will be coming from Murfreesboro, so let me know if you're interested...



Hi Heather, thanks for replying back to me. Unfortunately, I am working this weekend. I work every other weekend and this is my weekend coming up. I can ride during the week also, as I work 12 hour shifts. Where do you usually ride? I usually ride Many Cedars or Natchez Trace or at a friends' house for close local riding. I have also ridden at Mt Pillar trails outside of Centerville and Laurel Hill WMA, really like it there. I have been to Timber Ridge in east TN, also.

Thanks for the update! Do you want to ride next Saturday? I have to coach a soccer game in the morning (9am), but am free after that. I live in Murfreesboro, so we usually ride at Walter Hill, Normandy, Woodbury, but I am open to trying someplace new.


We are heading to Long C----There is a good new trail that we want to finish. It's about a 6 hour ride. If you go ---look me up.
Hi Joe, I have never been to Long C, I have heard of it, but don't know anything about it. Where is it? I am supposed to go to the Main Street festival next Saturday, but could possibly go Sunday, May 1st. Would that work for you?


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