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I have heard so many people talk about when is it too hot to ride...

What is your opinion on when is it too hot to ride?

I have a gelding that is a yankee...LOL...and he sweats alot!

I have a bay mare she hardly sweats...


Happy trails


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I just think when its too hot for me, and I am getting too hot, so is my horse.. I know people think I am whimpy for not riding when its hot..but I love my horse and I am not going to do something to put his life or his trust at risk.
I will just have to wait or ride early or late nights..
I miss riding as much as I used too but I just won't take that kind of risk.
Sheryl, Who cares what other people think. If you're horses are like mine, they are my family and I am not going to risk their health if it's not necessary. I have been on trail rides and seen horses I thought were going to collapse due to ignorant riders, who were more interested in drinking and trying to show off than caring about their animals. You aren't a wimp, you just have more common sense than a lot of others it sounds like to me......lol, we should ride!
We only ride on shaded trails when temps reach 90 or above. Went to Laurel Hill last weekend and with the tree canopy, it actually felt quite cool under the trees on the trail and there is lots of water for the horses. Except for Percy Warner Park area, Laurel Hill is the only area we know that has most of the trails under a cover of trees.
I am here in Florida (for now) and I have had lots of experience with the heat. We try to ride either early in the am and later in the pm. Sometimes we hose off the horses before we tack up and take a sponge on a rope to dip in any water we find. You want to cool off their heads and the insides of their legs (where the major arterys are). Yep, give your horse a beer, it helps with the sweating and or gatorade then dump the ice over their head.I carry a battery operated small fan for myself. There are "cool caps" that fit over the ears also.
Hello there Sheryl in my opinion on when is to hot to ride would be when the index is really high. I have riden horses most of my life and we rode them year round but you do have to consider the heat index and if you do ride  in the heat ride early morning or late afternoon ,preferbably where access to water and shade and rest your horse, also giving your horse breaks to cool out and it wouldnt hurt to give salt to your horses it helps them sweat and cool down,this keeps your horse hydrated,there is a product made by Dumor that you add to your horses water trough that has electrolites to keep your horse drinking water even when he does not want too. I know there use to be a sayin you can lead a horse to water but you cant make him drink well thats not true with this product it will help them sweat so they can cool and makes them drink, always let your horse cool before drinking water too, but give them access to to it along trails.I hope this aswered your question.Also i ride alot at night with headlights and temps are much cooler without sun blazing we call it moonlight riding its cool at night and with headlights or caplights works great with trees and trails, its good to know your trails your on so you know where you are riding at.I hope you feel better about riding your horse in the heat now.I also give free access to loose salt mineral salt in comes in a bag and leave in trough for them to have anytime in pasture even when your not riding they will sweat out and cool  in this heat hope this helps brenda


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