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It seems there has been continous talk about the status of Bandy Creek Stables. We want to clarify this matter. This is coming straight from the horse's mouth! Instead of posting things on the Internet that you are not sure of. Plaese call us directly. This is the first time that we have posted anything, but we needed to straighten things out and defend our reputation.
Yes, we Bobby Gene and Gretta do have a new campground but this does not mean that we are not at Bandy Creek. Yes, we have not been there as much this year. First, this is due to the slower economy. If no one is at the stables it is hardly feesable for us to drive 40 miles to see no one. Secondly, I (Gretta) have been going to school this year. If you called and didn't get an answer this could part of the reason. We make ever effort to return calls, and sometimes we may not get an answer. As far as our employees are concerned, they are nice, friendly, horse people. If they did not answer your qusetion or wait on you as you thought they should of. We apoligize. They are great people and sometimes we all have to have extra help. We appreciate all of our customers and really wish people would remember the reputation that we have had for the past 10 years,and still have, in spite of what some people think they know. If you need anything please contact us at bandycreekst @highland.net or 931-397-1680, or 931-397-1861. We will get to your call as soon as possible. Thanks, Bobby Gene and Gretta

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