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Anybody off during the week and able to ride? I'm on summer break from work and am seeing some nice days ahead, but no riding buddies. Hank sang a song about that...All my 'riding friends' have settled down.....Wait that's "rowdy friends" isn't it?
I'm near Murfreesboro. Let me know. I can haul two, maybe three if not too far.

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Anne and Sheila--I've been wanting to ride at Granville. If you get a date for that set up, please let me know. Would love to ride with you. Anytime during the week is fine with me.
Anne, Granville has both a rough "Wilderness trail" and a low trail that's very easy around the edge of the water. What type riding do you enjoy? If we meet there, we could ride part of the low trail and part of the high trail or we could ride all of one or the other. High trail is strenuous. Horses need to be in pretty good condition. It's great fun.
I may be getting laid off in the next few weeks....then I'll have oodles of time to ride during the week! We ride mostly at Normandy, but have ridden Walter Hill lots, too. If I do get laid off, I'll get back to ya! I can meet you just about anywhere...I'm near Woodbury. Have you ridden Short Mountain? I've only been once, with my husband, but we don't know our way around up there. We've been to Robinson's Hollow,too....but it's so tough to park there. But what a ride!!!
We are riding this Wed at Laurel Hill if anyone is interested in going call me: 931-840-6107 is my home number. Best to call before 8am or after 7pm as am in and out during the day or leave a message and I will call back. I was a teacher for 9 yrs and would love to show you teachers our trails at Laurel Hill.
Blessings, Linda
I hope to be there!! Talk to ya soon!


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