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Anybody off during the week and able to ride? I'm on summer break from work and am seeing some nice days ahead, but no riding buddies. Hank sang a song about that...All my 'riding friends' have settled down.....Wait that's "rowdy friends" isn't it?
I'm near Murfreesboro. Let me know. I can haul two, maybe three if not too far.

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I'm a teacher so I'm off until July 20th. I live in Lebanon, TN and have a trailer so I could meet you somewhere. Call me (home 286-2441, cell 604-1865). I'm always looking for someone to ride with!

Anne do you ever ride Cordell Hull? (Granville)
Hey Sheila, I am off one day during the week, usually Thrusdays, i'm in College Grove the other side of Eagleville , so i am just down the road from you , let me know, i will be available as of next week, i have family in town until wed this week, I am sort of a novice rider, but also frustrated as i have no one to ride with, plus during the week will be quieter, i have a trailer so no problem with Transport- let me know- Belinda
Hi there. I am off until August 5. Keep me posted on when you are off. Do you ride hills o.k.? Have you ever ridden Normandy Lake area(lots of hills) or Stones River (easy trails)? They are probably the closest to us. There is a place near Nashville (Percy Warner Park) that's pretty mild and usually not crowded. I ride all over the place. Let's stay in touch.
hey Shelia,I'm in Murfreesboro too,do you have anyplace to ride? I'm going camping at Long C for the 4th but can usually ride during the week
I don't have anyplace to ride here. I trailer the horses all over. Do you ride over by the Stones River? (Walter Hill/East Fork rec.) I like Long C. The people there are very nice. What kind of riding do you do? I like hills and woods. Not too much rode riding for me.
I just rode at Normandy Sat. so I don't know the trails, but don't mind the hills if it's not too hot,I don't like Walter Hill but East Fork is ok
Hi All--I'm a retired teacher, early retirement, and my time is flexible. I live in White Co. and am interested in doing some riding during the week. I'd like to ride at Granville and Normandy. I've also been wanting to ride at Red Oak Ridge on Dale Hollow Lake. I've ridden once at Short Mountain in Cannon Co. Let me know if anyone would be interested in setting up a time and place. Happy trails, Mary
Hi Sheila, I ride during the week and would love to ride with you. I live between Columbia and Lewisburg. We could ride over your way and then come here. I do plan on riding next week. I have company for the week-end.
Blessings, Linda
Sounds great! Unfortunately there aren't many places over this way to ride! Normandy is about 45 miles from me. It's on the other side of Shelbyville from here. Prob. about the same for you?? I'd really like to check out Why Not and Laurel Hill for some new sights. I enjoy Many Cedars and Buffalo River. Do you ride Circle E? I have done day-rides there a few times.
Hey guys,

I live on the north side of Shelbyville... I am available during the week, and have a trailer, or there are 60 acres my horses live on. Let me know if anyone wants to get together to ride!
I live in Lewisburg and I am thinking of riding the Duck River trails near Columbia. Is this a good ride?
Do you know the name of the place I am speaking of? I know it is right off of 50.


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