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Hey everyone. I was told by a lady I met at a western store to join this site. So I jumped on it the first opportunity I got. My name is Sarah and I am excited to be on here! Question though, how does this work? Does everyone go riding together or just hang out? I would love to get to know everyone :-)

Have a fantastic day!!!

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HI Sarah,  Welcome!!  It varies on riding.  Lots of times a ride is posted and you just go if you want.  Usually it's a day ride and they meet there and all ride out together, same on an organized ride.   There is a place to mark if you're attending as well.   Where are you from?  After a while, you'll get to meet people and it will be easier.   

See ya on the trails!! 

Thank you Michele! I will definitely keep an eye out. What if you don't have a horse? Is there any way to still get out there and be involved in some way or another? I am currently living in Smyrna, originally from Florida but we just recently bought a house in LaVergne. I will just get familiar with this site and meet people through here and then go from there. I appreciate your reply :-)


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