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I'm looking for a Cremello Tennessee Walking horse gelding and so far my search has been a lost cause. All the horses I find are either half way around the country or way out of the price range for a sixteen year old's salary. I'm also looking for him to be kid broke and anywhere from 7 to 13 years old. I can spend around $2,000 to $2,500. My trail horse, Chester, is beginning to get older and I'm trying to find a younger trail horse to start riding more so I can stop putting him through so much intense riding. I know I'm being picky on my selection of horses but I'm not going to spend my hard earned money on a horse that isn't what I want. I'm trying to buy my new horse on my own and not ask my dad for help with finances so any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much for your time and help. :)

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I have a beautiful cremello gelding who is 5. He is a special boy and needs a special friend to love and ride him. He was started as a 2 year old and was better than green broke but still young and inexperienced. Last year he lost an eye. He had four surgeries, the first to remove the eye, 2 because the incision over his prosthesis would not heal and a fourth to remove the prosthesis. Of course this has damaged his looks on the one side of his face but he is still very beautiful to me. I have owned him since he was 10 days old. He has not been ridden since last November and needs more training. He is not currently for sale but I would be willing to sell him to the right person. I am planning to get another 30 days training into him to see if he is going to be able to be the trail horse I want but if you liked him I would sell him for way less than $2,000 and you could use the savings to get more training on him. Just a thought. He is the horse in my profile picture.
Kayla, With the horse market so low right now you really should be able to find a horse in your price range - but kid broke makes a lot of people want a lot more money. I know a man in Franklin, KY (how far is that from you) who has horses of all colors and he may have a cremello. Not sure he has the age you want or anything kid broke, but he's very honest and I believe he is now standing a cremello stud at his place. He is currently got one of my horses in training and believe me my horse wouldn't be there if he wasn't in a place where someone cared for him and knew how to ride him for the best gait possible. If you want I can give you his phone # and you could call him. He and his wife do a lot of lessons with younger people. I go up to see him every month and if he had anything you could possibly ride up with me sometime.
I saw your post and didn't realize our sweet Gideon could be described so well. We have a two year old Cremello gelding Tennessee Walking horse. He's just now getting old enough to work under saddle and we plan to start him this summer. i don't think we will want to sell him because he's such a sweetheart. Good luck in your quest. It's nice to hear young adults working to manage their own horse wants. My daughter bought her first horse with money she'd saved since she was seven.
Cynd D.


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