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Hubby and I are planning on camping at Circle E May 29th- June 6th if anyone would like to meet up and ride with us.  Our friend, Lacey, will be with us as well. 

We'd love to meet some of you all!

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Hey Lindsey,

You and Lacey had better be wearing those Saddle Valley tank tops over there at Circle E, stop by and say "Hey" on your way through.

No worries, Ed! We'll be back staying with you all soon. We love our tank tops! LOL! Tell Teresa Hi!
Hi Lindsey this is Kim I spoke to you on the phone for your reservations...
Hi, Kim! Is it May YET?!?!? LOL! I'm watching it sleet and snow out the window here. I can't wait for riding season and our vacations this year.
Are there any small cabins there? we don't have any sleeping quarters.. if warm enough we can put a mattress in the back of our pick up and go that route.. but just wondering. thanks

I'm not sure, Georgia. You'll have to contact Kim about cabins. Do you think you'll be able to make it? We are snowed in here and dreaming of vacation and warm weather!


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