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I just talked to Tim at TWRA and he assured me that we CAN ride at Laurel Hill this weekend. However, they are considering closing the trails to us because there are people going down there and drinking alcohol, night riding and rough riding off the trails. If you've been down there, you've probably seen the evidence. 

He encouraged me to start some sort of an organization that is willing to be the point of contact for these issues and who will ensure we maintain the trails, police rowdy behavior etc. I am contacting the Cannon County Tennessee Walking Horse Association as they serve in this capacity in Cannon County. If you're interested in helping save our riding privileges at Laurel Hill, please let me know as we attempt to organize a similar organization. 

See you Sunday at Laurel Hill!

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I hope this is correct, and I assume you are referring to Tim Cleveland, TWRA Mgr. Nashville office. A friend also called the office yesterday, and was told the same thing. Another friend was at Laurel Hill a few days ago, and said signs had been posted-Road Riding ONLY until Jan, 1. I had left a message at the Laurel Hill office, earlier in the day. Nathan Self returned my call yesterday afternoon, and said the trails are now closed, except for road riding until Jan 1...and no road riding the days of quota hunts. Nathan said the decision was made to make it fair to both hunters and riders, and for the riders safety. Nathan said the signs were posted end of August and he was very polite. I didn't dispute since hunting license are a big revenue for the state, however I like to ride. As for The Cannon County WH Assoc, a nice group and great riding- they own the land and can do as they please.


There is some TWRA property down there that they ride on to, and they are the point of contact when conflicts arise, I hope we can get organized to be the point for conflict and decisions for Laurel Hill. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the help! Keep it up.

I have been informed that the local decision has been reversed for the remainder of this year, but they are considering banning us from the trails next year. So, we can ride as usual except on dates closed for hunting.

We need to continue to make calls (be polite) and get organized. I also recommend we all buy hunting and fishing licenses - that way we have a voice and a dog in the fight - even if we don't hunt and fish.

Cindy,  Thanks for the information and continued success to keeping the trails open.  If there is a meeting or work day I will volunteer to help.  Keep us informed.


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