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TWRA not going to be a lot of help to maintain horse trails

I spoke with TWRA this morning and they indicated that they were relying more on the horse riders to assist with maintaining the trails at the TWRA sites than on the state TWRA itself.  He said that there will not be equipment into Yanahli to bush hog the parking area and some of the trails until late September or early October because their current priority was to get the hunting areas, particularly the dove fields, ready for the upcoming season.  My understanding is that once hunting season starts many of these riding areas will not be available to horse riders.  Does anyone know the actual policy on that?  I forgot to ask him.

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Williamsport Lakes and Yanahli are closed for hunting. But, dates are very limited and usually have days during the week you can ride. Yanahli is open even during hunting. If I ride there I usually go from about 11am-3. As not much hunting goes on during those hours. I do not mind sharing, I think we all need to. We are just trying to get help with mowing. I believe changes are coming but will be after the November election. Contact your local State Rep/Senator. They are the policy makers. As far as trail maintenance it is to hot now to do much. We do our work during the fall/winter but last year we concentrated on getting the new trail at Laurel Hill somewhat finished.
Linda - you did mean to say Williamsport Lakes and LAUREL HILLS are closed for hunting? Just to clarify.
Sorry, missed that. Yes, Williamsport Lakes and Laurel Hill have posted closed dates for hunting. Yanahli does not at present. Thanks Dawn for catching that. My eyes are not what they used to be. LOL


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