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That's a somewhat strong statement, isn't it? I titled that to draw trail riders to the TWRA Strategic 2014 Plan. They are asking for public input on the plan until January 21. Let me show you a paragraph from the plan.

"Primarily it has been hunters, anglers, and registered‐boat owners that have funded the acquisition and management of TWRA lands and access to waterways, but this paradigm may not be sustainable. TWRA relies on revenue from hunting and fishing licenses, boat registration, federally‐collected taxes on hunting, fishing and boating gear, real estate taxes (for wetlands) and donations to its license plate funds to maintain its programs. These funding sources have been reliable, but they are not growing in proportion to Tennessee’s population. With time more people are discovering the outdoor opportunities at TWRA lands, but many of them pursue activities that do not require any license or contribution to TWRA. For example, people regularly use TWRA ramps to go kayaking (a growing sport) or visit a WMA to ride their horse or an ATV. Both activities generate costs, as the Agency provides law enforcement, litter pickup, and maintains roads. In addition, some of these activities can conflict with hunting or fishing opportunities that arguably should have a priority due to the funding history. TWRA is trying to accommodate non‐paying users as much as possible, but it adds to the cost of management."

We need to pay our way or we will lose the privilege.TVA has forbidden us to ride at Normandy. I would not be surprised to see TWRA do the same at their parks. Their opinion of us is obviously quite low. 

The deadline for the public to submit comments on the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s new Strategic Plan is Jan. 21.To provide comments email TWRA.Comment@tn.gov with “Strategic Plan” in the subject line. Comments can also be provided by mail to Strategic Plan Comments, Att: Cindy Pharris, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, P.O. Box 40747, Nashville, TN 37204.

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One way to get around their objection is to buy a hunting license, even if you don't hunt, or a boating license if you ride by one of their lakes.  Then you can truly say you contribute to the WMA's. 

Every meeting or phone conversation or email for the last 9 years we have suggested this...said we horse riders are more than willing to pay our fair share....more people need to speak up and contact your State Reps also.

Horse riders already pay their fair share IMO....it's called taxes.

TWRA has been taken over by the liberals. 

Think about how this works....they buy large tracts of land, and only open it to hunting a few days a year.  The rest of the time it's closed for most public access.  Yea, you can take a walk on it, maybe....still, if people can't use it, why do they care about it? 


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