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Twin Forks Trails- Open the attachments below. I couldnt get the article to cut and paste and apologize for the inconvienence

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..good reading. Thanks for posting, Marty.

I have ridden from the East Fork area and headed downstream before but have not ridden from Walter Hill/Twin Forks trailhead (although I did float the river when I was youger and then had to tote my raft back to the rec. area).

I enjoyed the historical perspective of the article and will look for some of those landmarks next time I ride there (hopefully soon).
Thanks again,
Hey Marty,

As you know, Teresa and I love this trail. When we first started riding it back in the early '90s, it had fallen into bad condition, and had almost been forgotten as a horse trail. Some people were still riding in from the Walter Hill end, but the East Fork Recreation area was not used by horses hardly at all. This IS NOT the same EastFork as is in Jamestown. It is named East Fork recreation area because it is on the east fork of the Stones River, as Marty knows. We worked with the USACE, a ranger by the name of Scott Fanning, and the Resource Manager at the time were very helpful, and actually had a volunteer day to clean up the trail. That was when chat groups and discussion forums were just starting out on the internet, Dean started what was then called a "list bot", and we all started telling about trails that we knew, I think this was GREAT! It allowed us to sit at the computer at night, and be able to find new trails, or old trails we did not know about, and then go out next weekend and ride them. No more driving around just looking for someplace where you might be able to ride. Also the state started putting out the Equine Trail Guide, and Chuck Olsen started the Horse and Mule Trail guide. All of theses things, and many others led to an explosion of trail riders through the '90s, a great thing in my opinion.

Got to go to work now, but I do have a story about my grandparents going to a dance at Old Jefferson, I'll tell tonight.
I sent Marty's article to my Dad, and ask him about that area. My Grandfather was raised by his uncle, who lived in a big two story white frame house, that used to sit across from the land fill o0n Jefferson Pike. This would have been the early 1900's, probably around 1910-1915 maybe. My Grandmother was raised in Smyrna, as a matter of fact, my Great grandfather was Sam Hager, and had a general store at the corner of Sam Hager street and Lowery street.
One night in later years, I'm not sure when, my Dad just remebers them telling the story of going to a dance at Old Jefferson, and the car broke down. They had to go get some help, and when they got back, some S.O.B. was stealing the tires off the car.


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