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looking for a twh gelding for a nerves beginner trail rider. I have a qh reg mare with king blood line i would like to trade.She is 15y old bay 15 hand she is fat. I git her 4 years ago and payed 3000. for her.I have 3 disk out in my back. so i need a smooth ride. Any one out there thats in south tenn or north ala or north gorgia please let me know. If some ladies that live in woodville or scottsboro area and would like to have a lady to ride with ,let me know.We could have a lady's dayout.

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PLEASE GO TO MY WEBSITE FOR A LOOK AT MY HORSES to see if there is one you like. ALL ARE BROKE AND GENTLE. I AM IN PULASKI, TN. 38478. http://www.rebelranchstables.synthasite.com please reply. jim @ rebel ranch stables
If you want I can give you a link to a friend's web site. She has a nice 12 yr old sorrel gelding who is very broke.......great for a nervous rider. He's a walking horse and he's for sale. She may consider a trade, don't know.
Yes please whats the link.Thanks
http://www.flatshodtrainer.com/red.html also check out the video for Sox who is listed on her site for sale.
thanks, she has a lot of nice horses. but thats more then i coukd pay..i need to trade two horses for one. a saddlebreed and aqha mare.
hey Peggy
your right way to high you can get a really good horse for alot less especially right now and you can get even cheap if you don't mind the horse not being reg. go to equine.com, horsetopia.com, dreamhorse.com or craigslist.com type in what breed of horse and what temperment you want. if you don't know alot about them i would take someone who does and i would also get a vet check. you can pay big bucks from a well know breeder and get a crazy horse just the same as if you get one from one of the sites just have to know what to look for. i talking from experience the first horse i bought was from a well know breeder and didn't know how people could cover things up and boy did i found out quick when i got him home and the drugs wore off that he wasn't the calm and gentle horse and kid safe that she had calmed he was you have to be careful but for the most part people are honest four years ago i bought a twh not reg from a lady i met at east fork stables a friend of a friend and he has been the most wonderful horse anyone could want all my kids and their friends have ridden him and he is the best trail horse he loves the trails. sorry pegging i just noticed where you have two other horses so you know what to look for will maybe some of the web sites will help sorry so long vicky
Thanks for the reply, I dont care if the horse is reg or not. I just want a horse i can trust and injoy. I will take my time,I have been took to ,So i will take my time.I was thinking horses .wouldent be so high.... I was looking to trade, But so fare no luck.
not all trainers are dishonest, and most are negotiable on their prices. Most people price horses more than they really want anyway, so if the buyer offers less than the asking price they will still get what they really wanted. Just the way it is in everything pretty much. The buyer needs to be educated on how to purchase a horse, however, or yes there are lots of dishonest people in the horse business, just like anything else. I to know people who have been taken and purchased horses sedated to get them home and have a totally different horse. Again, there are signs to look for to help you tell if the horse has been sedated. A lot of people will sell you a horse that may be a walking horse but it is doing more pacing than anything, or if not shod correctly it will pace big time (and that's not a comfortable ride). They often won't tell you this either. Take somebody who knows something about gaited horses with you go horse shopping so you have an extra opinion. Make sure the owner of the horse rides it for you, if the owner won't ride the horse first.......I'd leave! I'd never buy a horse off an internet web site unless I could go see it in person and ride it a time or two first.
Thanks for the info.. It's a shame that people out there that would do things like that. May god bless them...
Peggy, be sure to check out the classifieds on this TTR website. Some of our members have some very nice horses all all ages, size, color, etc. They are listed in TTR Classifieds along with a description, pictures, etc. Please support our members...I think you can trust them to provide you with a nice horse.


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