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Is there anyone using a late model Chevy 1500 with 5.3 engin to pull 3 horse goose neck. Need to know if it will do the job. 2010 and up claims to pull up to 9600 lbs. Looking to buy and now have Ford 250 diesel. Trying to go to gas. Thanks for any input.

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I pulled an all aluminum Exiss 3 horse Gooseneck slant load for many years with my 99 Chevy Z21 4x4 with a 5.3 and a towing package.  The trailer had a weekender package. I did add an airbag suspension on the truck.   The truck had enough power to pull loaded for camping with 2 horses.  Never used it for 3.  It did work really hard in significant elevations and it seemed I went through brakes more often than expected on the truck.  I now use a 350 Ford King Ranch 4x4 with a turbo (not a dually) and there is no comparison with hauling power.  Makes me realize how hard I worked my Chevy. Hope this helps.

I pulled a 3 horse slant, aluminum Featherlite. It pulled my gas truck to death and it was the big 8 cylinder. The problem was not so much pulling the trailer as it was stopping it. got new brakes, 3 months later was going on a ride, went down a hill probably half a mile and bridge was being worked on, glazed the brakes stopping and the smell was bad. had it loaded with 3 horses. got electric brakes and did better but traded and got a diesel and it is no comparison. it pulls, it stops and I like it a WHOLE LOT better. got a heavier rear end in this truck. much more satisfied with the diesel.

I would not buy a 1/2 ton. I considered the new Ford rated at 11,300 lbs. I decided to go with an F250. I tow three horses and my old V10 f250 is the minimum I would ever use. Braking is more important than going. Good luck

I would not buy a 1/2 ton either and was taught a long time ago from someone who knew lots about trucks that if you were pulling a horse trailer you needed at least 3/4 ton w/heavier suspension.  That is just my opinion and I've always used at least a 3/4 ton to pull a trailer (mostly goosenecks) and never had any problems.  Plus my trucks have always used regular gas, not diesel.


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