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Where are they? I just found a job in Smyrna and I have an hour drive North (West) on I24.. I am now living in Hillsboro near the Airforce base.  But, I see a move in the future.  would like to find a place that I can just hop on and go!!


thought who better to ask than you all to keep your eyes and ears open for me.

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You need to go back and read the posts about Twin Forks Trail, it runs along the East and West Forks of the Stones River, it goes 24 miles, all the way from Walter Hill to Nice Mill, the western section goes along the river behind Nissan, but you would never know it from the trail, except for at the top of on hill, you can see Smyrna.
Circle E is about 30 mins from I-24 exit 127, they are located right outside of Winchester, TN
Have a nice campground and great trails that are marked & are very easy to follow
www.circleeguestranch.com or 931-962-1790
thanks Kim and Mark and Ed.

Very interesting on the trails behind Nissan.. I know we have walking trails at our office which is on Tridon Dr, that run along the creek or river whatever it is.. will have to find out it's name. But we will be looking half hour to 45 mins in distance from Smryna.. and maybe in Eagleville.. think there are lots of horse folks over that way and maybe a section that you can ride out your back door.

I will go read that thread on Twin Forks.. possibly a house for sale near there... someplace.

I think I had friends that went to Circle E and said they had trouble with water areas that were boggy and hard to get through. But, nice to know what is in this area as we may just stay as we like the area very much and I will just make the hour commute to work. We will see what we find out there.

I figured if anyone knew.. people on this site would know. thanks for the info!! appreciated
Anyone live in Eaglesville? Smyrna area? Murfreesboro?
I'm in Christiana, just outside of Murfreesboro.Looking for riders in the area. Have been to Circle E.But like Franklin Forest better. Laura
I live in Norene but work in Murfreesboro. Smyrna is not too far either. Looking for a trail partner?
Long C trails is about 1 1/2 hrs from Murfreesboro and has great trails and has a great camp and great trails
Can anyone come and ride with you? Do you ever go to Normandy to ride? I have never been there but heard there are lots of trails.
I work in Smryna and will be looking to move near the area within 45 mins.. and looking for an area to possibly look for a house that you can ride out your back door..
Waterfall farm sounds like wide open spaces.. where is this area located? Anyone else, know of an area that I can look that may be near trails or just back roads that are ridable.

thanks for all the suggestions.

I've been to Normandy with my friends that take me riding.. donna and donald, and I live near there now..
really like Normandy. very pretty.. Keep the lake to your left (I think for the easier trails) but I think it gets as hard as you would like.
Check out the Norene area. We are 7 miles from 840 and Smyrna is the next exit down, bringing you out on Jefferson pike. We are able to ride out our front and go a pretty good way.
How is tornado season in the Norene (840 area) :)
Just like everywhere else in Mid. Tn. I've been here for over 25 years and only had one close tornado that I know of. I don't much worry with them, I just know which is the best room of my house is to be in just in case, and keep an ear on weather reports.


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