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Hello! I am new to the forum, and am hoping to find some new places to ride near Murfreesboro. I know of about 15 places that are all between 1hr 45 min-4 hours away, but it just seems like there is not much really close by.  Right now I ride at the Twin Forks trail (either from the East Fork, Nice Mill, or Walter Hill trailheads) quite frequently, and I also make it up to Cedars of Lebanon State Park every once and awhile.


Does anyone know of other places to ride within an hour or less of Murfreesboro? We just went to Long C this week but it was nearly a 2 hour drive for us. Its was a blast, and an amaing ride, but we are looking for something closer. I heard that there is a big property in Milton that has nice owners who allow riders to come, but I don't know how to get there or how to get permission. Also heard something similar about a place in Beechgrove, but again don't know how to get there or how to get permission. Any help or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! It would just be me, my husband, and my in-laws riding...we are quiet and respectful of rules, opening and closing gates, et. No rough riders or drinkers in our little group. Thanks in advance!!

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For a day ride, lots of folks go out to Percy Warner Park & ride.  They are in Nashville.  Unfortunately, you do get foot & bike traffic sometimes on the horse trails.  I've ridden there several times.


There's a place in Fairview, but again, that's only a day ride.  I've never been there.


These links might help:



Try the Natchez Trace at Garrison Creek just south of hwy 96 in Williamson County, Franklin.  Also there is Fountain Creek on Hwy 50 in Columbia.  Some day we may see some new trails in the TWRA property in Columbia.  Check out the PWHAT ride list for 2012. Some of them are in these areas.  We would be happy to have you join us.

Try picktnproducts.org and go to equine recources it may be helpful.


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