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Hi Folks
I want to reducemy trailer size and in need of a 3 horse with a
weekender pkg preferably with a cowboy shower i know some put
it in the first stall and you walk thru and take shower come back in
would really like to have one that has some cabinates shelves a frig
110hook up since I have a generator, heat and air unit awning if ones on it
I'd be willing to trade 1 stallion finished reiner, a mare thats a finished roper
heading and heeling, great turnback horse both have imppecable bloodlines and in a ton of nrha and aqha moey progras too, the value on them if times wernt awful bad like they are just these 2 horses value with prof training programs paid in on them and with 6 week workout theyd be at the top of thier game again, bloodlines are stud is a dual pep peppy san badger leo lines and the mare is a d of paid by chic and on damm side docsperscription
she has a yrling baby with her as well , but total value by an equine appraiser for my insurance co they appraised at $45.000 on stud $10.500 for the big mare and for the yrling baby it was set at $1250 I'd be willing to trade all these guys for a trailer with a weekend package pref a cowboy shower heat air cabnits to store stuff in maybe a couch that makes into a table and bed type nothing extragavant but something of equal value of the horses, which is about $75'000 total for all of them. I'm not into the reining and wch showing stuff anymore due to injuries while in iraq so now I want to trail ride but have no trailer due to it being stolen while I was over there, so now I have to look for a trailer, and if one were wanting to trade like this with some cash and a horse or to would be fine too, it just has to be sound clean slant load gooseneck . Email me if you know anyone who may do something ;like this to help a injured disabled veteran of the us army . I was hit with an ied costing me my site in 1 eye and hearing on same side and several surgeries for schrapnel out of my stomach and a tit rob and hip joint and the same for one of my shoulders, I came home serving 23 of my 25 to learn my trailer was stolen never recovered and a few of my good beef cows and some young colored horses as well and a ton of farm ton of farm tools, so trading will be best for me since it's going to be sometime when our pay get coming all in not here and there, plus my credit got messed up while i was there due to identity theft while over there, I sure need a break fellow trail riders, please look around and see if you or someone you may know would want to trade for high quality horses, if if one can't do that sell me one resonably so i could maybe go that way since i have brad credit till they get it fixd and again lord knows how long thats going to take. I really appreciate anything anyone can do to help me and I'll be greatly in your debt as well and a note im a big pay my debts back fast not late cash only unless if it has to be a check then i do a bank check since i don't right them. maybe someone not wanting a horse but has something like what i want and would be willing to do a contract and make large mo payments to pay it off fast.
Please talk to your friends and so on and email me at TNDOC4U@GMAIL.COM
and my phone is 423-432-1490 Please help a veteran who maynot beable to do the reining and working cow horses anymore but I sure can trail ride, and thats what I want to do travel on horse and see my country the great USA, since army sent me everywhere but here for any lenghty time was always over seas.
Thank You all in advance for reading my note and trying to work around some how to get a trailer for me asap.

Thank you
Happy Trails
Sam in Sweetwater TN

ps will travel some to get one if need be too

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