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Merry Christmas Fellow Trail Riders,


Were thinking about taken a trip to the Big South Fork for a week or 2 of camping and would like to know where people think the best campground is and were the best trails are.  Also what time of the year do you think is the best time.


Thank you Cindy

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From Saddle Valley it is a 15-20 minute ride to Cumberland Valley Trail head, the trail to the trail head is through the woods between Dewey Burks Road and Boon Ridge, then out Boon Ridge Rd , cross 297 to the trail head, from there you can ride N. White Oak loop, or over to Bandy Creek, or out to East Laurel overlook, and on down to N. White Oak Creek and ride the O&W Rail Road bed, or you can take the trail over to Laurel Fork, then ride Yellow Face trail over to Fork Ridge and Middle Creek trail head, or down to Charit Creek Hostel. You can also ride out Dewy Burks Road to Evergreen trail into Spruce Cree acres where you can take the Proctor Ridge trail, very steep and tough climb, or ride out to Wildcat Den and on to Darrow Ridge. We can ride anywhere from 2 hours to 4 days or more. We do a 4 day pack trip in the fall.

Thanks for all the information everyone. Booked my trip for this fall at Timber Ridge and True West. Cant wait to check out the area. See you in the Fall.




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