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Merry Christmas Fellow Trail Riders,


Were thinking about taken a trip to the Big South Fork for a week or 2 of camping and would like to know where people think the best campground is and were the best trails are.  Also what time of the year do you think is the best time.


Thank you Cindy

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I have been there every time of year but my favorite is late Fall, early November. But, every time has something special. There are many great places to camp. No matter where you will have to trailer to ride some of the trails. It is just too big with over 300 miles of trails. We just stayed at Timber Ridge and loved it. Also, had great times at True West and Saddle Valley. Each has there positive points just depends on what you are looking for.

Thanks Linda

Do any of the campgrounds offer trailer/shuttle service to the other trail heads?

Yes, and they have websites and are TTR members here.

Thank you and Happy Trails

Cindy,if you are planning on staying that long you might try 2 or 3 camps in differant parts of the park.We have stayed at alot of the camps and have had good riding out of all,I known it is a job to move but  you get to ride differant trails.July and August can be hot.




Thanks Bruce. Any suggestions on which campgrounds would be best to move to and see all the different trails?

Timber Ridge is the first and totally separate, Honey Creek is on the high side, then True West is kind of in the middle...great trails from each and you need to see them all. The hottest I was ever there was Labor Day one year...but because it is mostly woods and you have lots of water it is doable at any time. They all have websites and pictures. Try them all...

Cindy guess if I was going to try,I would try Stations camp its on the east side,saddle valley or timber ridge on the west side,honey creek or zeith on the south side,if you are thinking of late fall better plan early busy time for most camps.


Hey Cindy,  Bruce and Linda are correct on most of what they say, my opinion, Saddle Valley is The place to stay. Hi, I'm Ed, and I own Saddle Valley, my wife Teresa and I would love for you to visit us. We do have a trailer we let people use, we have plenty of riding from camp, and are making improvements to our trails in the area. We are centrally located, with the park actually surrounding our area so you can ride into the park in five different directions. The best riding is May/June, and mid September through the end of November. The park is huge, 125,000 acres, over 200 miles of horse trails, so it's hard to ride the whole park from one place, unless you make a several day ride, which we do in October. Check out our website, www.saddlevalleycampground.com or give Teresa a call (931)879-6262

P.S. Bruce and Linda, you need to come see us soon!

Sorry Ed for leaving you and Teresa out. We always had a great time at your place and hope to stay there again. Please forgive me...

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the information. We are  just starting to plan our trip for this fall to the Big South Fork.

I will check out your website and if I have questions I'll call.

Happy Trails Cindy

Have never been to Saddle Valley and are always looking to try new places.  We ride quarters and don't get in any hurry, ever.  You message says 'you can ride into the park from five different directions'.  Does that mean you have 5 trails leaving camp or do you have to ride out to get to those 5 directions.  If the latter... how far out is that trail?  Thanks in advance for your feedback!



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