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I am looking for trail rides in those two areas as they are where I live. Easy for me to get to as I don't have a horse trailer. So if any one has names places please let me know. I didn't get to ride last year as I had no idea where to ride. I know that cannon county charges for their trail rides.

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I'm on the far side of McMinnville from ya, I havn't noticed very many organized trail rides around locally, Have heard of a yearly one on Ben Lomand Mtn but I think they charge a little too, (fund raiser I think) The McMinnville saddle club is mainly a show club with monthly shows all summer. But there's plenty of places around to ride and some groups of friends get together here and there to go riding. I've done that a little over here.
Hi Reuben, I am in between WoodBury ,McMinnville and Smithville , I live near the Blue Hill Market. I can see short Mountain from my front door, and I pass it every time i drive in to Smithville. My two biggest problems are I don't have a trailer or a saddle for my gelding. And you are right that Cannon County Does charge for their club, last year I think it was 30 or 35 dollars. Dianne Cannon County TN
Hi Dianne, I was going to say that the Farmers co-op may have a trailer to rent that you could use if you have something to pull it with. That doesn't help you out with the lack of a saddle, though. You need to start saving your money, girl and get some equipment! lol


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