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TWHBEA Versatility Champion wins Extreme Cowboy Race!
Click on the link for more information and photos.


TN Walking Horses are the perfect all around horse...and after over 50 years of owning and riding them, I may be a little prejudiced. lol

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Wow what a magnifcent horse and rider!!
have a buddy that has won 11 extreme cowboy races on a spotted saddle horse mare....right on brother
I have a SSH that is extremely athletic, but have never seen him move faster than "low gear" at any gait. Any suggestions? Also, I agree that sometimes slaughterhouses are necessary, but they could be managed more humanely.
what do u mean by low gear...is he just laid back...? im not sure what u mean by that?
Yes, Larry and Blaze are an awesome team. I told Larry I was mad at him for not telling me he was competing in the Craig Cameron Extreme Cowboy Race last year in Ohio. We would have went to help cheer him on.


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