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I just rescheduled my Timber Ridge camping trip that I had to cancel back in October due to my dad's health issues for this coming weekend. I figured I had better go now before the holidays crank up and time gets away from me, as it tends to do this time of year.I won a free weekend for Timber Ridge at the Women on the Edge ride there back in the summer. Looking forward to hitting the new trail and eating some of Lee's cooking! I have heard it is great! Is anyone else from TTR planning on going this weekend? If so, I hope to meet you and ride the beautiful BSF.

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Hi Adrienne, I wish we were going. Lee is a great cook! Let us know what you think of the new trail.
Well, we didn't get to go to Timber Ridge, my father passed away on Tuesday morning, so we had to throw our stuff into the truck and drive like heck to south Arkansas. Just got back last night. I haven't had time to grieve yet, was too busy planning, calling, greeting, etc. etc. etc. all the stuff that goes with a death in the family. Back at work today. Have to work this coming weekend, then back to Arkansas the weekend after Thanksgiving. Maybe I can get some equine therapy Wednesday or Thursday...really, really need it, but I also need some me time to cry for the first and last hero in my life, my dad. I was the only kid in the neighborhood that had a horse...because of my dad. He taught me to saddle and ride my own horse, swim, waterski, change a flat, and how to find my way home from the woods (cause I was always running off into the woods when I was little...drove my mom nuts!). Well, have to cut this short or I will start squalling right here at work. I am dedicating my next ride to my dad, Reymann E. Grandon.
My Dad was killed in a truck accident in 1990 but when I am riding I still say, "Day would have loved this." But, if I could see where he is riding now! One day I'll join him there also.
So sorry-my dad died just before Christmas last year. You are blessed to have such wonderful memories. And you are correct- Equizac is the best therapy!
So sorry about your father's passing.
Thanks Dawn, he was 91 years old and was fairly healthy up till about 3 months ago. It was quick, he didn't suffer, and my mom wasn't there when it happened...cant ask for much more than that.
Sorry to read about the loss of your Dad. You seem to have a lot of good memories and that will be something you can always hold onto.
Yeah, we had some wonderful times! We went to the Ouachita river a lot in the summer and swam and waterskied. Camping at Lake Greeson every summer. The memories go on and on. He was the best daddy a wild child like me could have had.
So sorry to hear about your dad. My dad's been gone for a long time now, and my mom passed 3 years ago. I miss them both very much. Keep the good memories in your heart and do give yourself time to grieve. It sounds like your dad lived a good life so that's something to be grateful for. ~ Robin


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