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Went to Timber Ridge this past weekend for the Women on the Edge ride.  What a place!  You are greeted as soon as you arrive. Everything is explained from the common areas with full kitchen to the beautiful bathhouse.  There are round pens and small pastures as well as great stalls.  They assist you, if you wish, with unloading your horse, they CLEAN YOUR TRAILER OUT, help you park and set up, again, if you wish. My site was a dream. Pull through, level, shady what more can you ask for? Mine was even nicely landscaped! The hitchin posts and wash stalls are very conveniently located to the entire campground.  The hoses were good, not leaky, and had good sprayers.  Water at the barn was convenient to every stall. Good drainage at the barn and campsites. They have developed several hours of beautiful, shady, lots of water trails behind their camp.  Across the road there are more trails into BSF. They also have a trailer available if you want to ride elsewhere in the park for a day.  The hosts, Lee & Dee, just do everything humanly possible to make your stay enjoyable.  They have made so many improvements in the short year they have owned Timber Ridge.  Try them out, you'll be glad you discovered this little jewel.

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I have got to get back up there...I liked Timber Ridge back then and I bet I'd love it now!!! Maybe when it starts to cool back down this fall ??? It is an awesome campground,and great trails...is the obstacle course still there?? Let me know when some of ya'll will be going !!! Later,Audrey Rody
well Sheryl,you beat me to it! I was also impressed with the owners,they did everything to make you comfortable.Everyone should support them and their efforts
I went there last October, I liked it then and I still do! The trails that are behind the campground are great if you don't care for 'extreme' riding. The trails are almost all shade and mostly very sandy! I'm talking like arena sand! I was a little worried because I am transitioning my horse to barefeet and I haven't had the money to buy boots yet. I was very pleasantly surprised at how sandy the trails were. Also had multiple creek crossings to give your horse ample water breaks, nice in the hot summer. Great place to take kids to ride, younger trail horses in training, etc yet still very pretty and interesting for more experienced riders. I won 2 trips at the WOTE raffle Saturday night...one at East Fork and one at Timber Ridge...Whoo Hoo!
We went to Timber Ridge Memorial Day weekend and can't wait to go back. Lee and Dee are the most caring hosts and want to make sure that their guests are happy. Be sure to go on a weekend when Lee is cooking, his smoked brisket is great!!!!!
Sounds great!!! we will be heading to timber ridge this fall
We just returned from a long weekend at Timber Ridge...our 1st time there, but definitely NOT our last! We loved it! Fantastic hosts (thanks, Lee & Dee...and Ronnie too), clean stalls, wonderful trails right out of camp. Lee smoked pork shoulders for all the campers Saturday night and everyone brought a side dish...YUM! A jewel is right! Had a blast-can't wait to go back!
My posse and I are going in October...the 15th-17th. There will be at least 6 or 7 of us, with more that are trying to come. If anyone wants to join in the group, come on! We have a mixed group of women, kids, men riding gaited and non-gaited horses. Slow pokers to fast lopers! Fall in the mountains...don't get much better!
We just got home from a week long vacation at Timber Ridge. Lee and Dee are the best! Love the trails right out of the camp, they added new corrals, and the bathhouse is the cleanest I've EVER been in. We can't wait for next May when we get to go back there and spend another week. I sure wish we lived closer!
Please call Timber Ridge, I have a question for you!


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