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Has anyone been there? We go to Circle E a lot, and I just wanted to try something different. Any other ideas? I'm in Murfreesboro, about 30 min from Nashville..


I am planning a ride this weekend, would love to try to get together a bigger group.



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Long C is beautiful and you can't beat the owners, they are lovely people. It is especially nice in the Fall.
Long C is a lot of pasture riding. We had to open and close gates when we rode there. Not a lot to see.At the time we went they did not offer 50 amp hookups in the campground -only 30 amp. Have you ever tried Many Cedars near Hohenwald? I would rank them ten stars!!
I go to Long C often and would be glad to show anyone around. But beware---I ride a Quarter horse and take it easy. Let me know if you have any questions. I usually ride the hilly wooded trails and love an evening campfire.
Randy sets up a tack trailer every Saturday and several people play guitars and such in the early evening.
Long C is great,there are some rough trails but most are great,some good overlooks,great owners
Thanks for all the replys! We went last Saturday and had a good time. Everyone was so nice and they had a chili cook-off/pot luck dinner. It was a lot of pasture riding (I usually do more hills), but we had a good time.

No, I haven't been to Many Cedars, where exactly is the trail there? How far is that from Nashville?

Thank you! I would love to meet new people to ride with.
You should check their website, Many Cedars Campground.I think they close after the last weekend in October for hunting season and reopen in Feburary.


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