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Hey Everyone,


I am going to make it my personal mission to convince the owner to keep the Why Not Ranch open.  She said that the reason is money, so the way to convince her is to bring in more money before the scheduled closing date of Oct 1st.  All I have read on here is how sad everyone is about it closing, so I say let see if we can do something about it.  I know everyone can't pay to ride everytime they go, but when we have such a great place I hate to lose it.  So all I am asking is that you plan a few more trips out there this summer. 


All you have to do is what we all enjoy, going trail riding.  Why Not Ranch has beautiful trails that are easy enough for beginers and challenging enough to keep old timers interested.  Her campground is clean and easy to get in and out of.  A bathhouse that should be in a 5 star hotel. A covered pavilion to eat lunch it, and get out of the sun. She has 2 cabins for those not interested in camping.  A very nice clean barn for your horse, and a covered arena available for your use. 


There are several events scheduled at the Why Not Ranch this summer.  So lets all patronize them.  Learn something new, ride some great trails, have fun with your friends, and above all tell Beth how much you like it. 


Beth did not ask me or anyone else to do this, but I do have a vested interest in seeing it stay open.  I LIKE RIDING THERE!!!   But I cannot do it by myself.  So lets all see if we can help her change her mind. 

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I love the name, but I've never been there. Do they have a website so I can find out more information? For starters, where is it?
www.whynotranch.com Located in Duck River, TN (Hickman County) half way between Columbia and Centerville on Hwy 50
The web site is great! I will have to give it a try this summer!
We certainly plan to ride there often before Oct. It's so sad that she's closing because it's a great place to ride for all the reasons you stated. Another being there is no mud there! I sure wish she could stay open through leasing or whatever. It's so beautiful there! She does have a website- just google why not ranch.
Another reason, at least in the past, she has been open during hunting season, and no hunting is allowed.
Thanks for the info.. I thought she had already closed down.. thats what I had heard.. I will defantley try and make it down there to ride and let her know that we enjoy riding there.. thanks again..!!!
I will make a few more trips this summer. It is a nice place to ride. The upper trails are covered with grass and wide enough for 3 horses. I would like to see this place stay open.

Mike King
I rode there yesterday. The trails are in great shape with very little mud. Beth has a nice place but I don't think we will be able to convince her to keep it open. I will be riding there as often as I can before she closes.


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