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Hey Y'all, does anyone in here use Tennessee Equine Hospital? In Thompson's Station? Would like to hear your experience since we are taking a colt there for the first time. We went to Hagyard Equine Center in Lexington, KY (with a different animal) and while it was an awesome facility, there was a minor issue regarding the difference between and mule and a donkey (!), so onto a new facility for us. Hey, at least it is alot closer to Martin, TN than Hagyard! Thanks so much for sharing what you can:-) Deb and the longears

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Dr Bob is still there, and he is awesome!!

I have also worked with Dr Deslisle and Dr. McInturff, and two of their newer vets DONATED their time today to the 84 seized/starving horses at the fairgrounds.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. Great vets and great people!! And they ALWAYS call back in an emergency, which is rare around here!


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