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Hey Y'all, does anyone in here use Tennessee Equine Hospital? In Thompson's Station? Would like to hear your experience since we are taking a colt there for the first time. We went to Hagyard Equine Center in Lexington, KY (with a different animal) and while it was an awesome facility, there was a minor issue regarding the difference between and mule and a donkey (!), so onto a new facility for us. Hey, at least it is alot closer to Martin, TN than Hagyard! Thanks so much for sharing what you can:-) Deb and the longears

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I use them and have always been very pleased. I'm anxious to see the "new" hospital. Heard they had the grand opening last week. Good luck!
Thanks Jill....They seemed so nice on the phone and I have heard the new surgical facility is awesome.....Thanks for letting me know your experience:-) I was not really worried, but we have had some very strange encounters with different facilities with these hybrids of ours...LOL. Never hurts to ask!

hey Deb, how big is the mule in your photo...he looks huge! I know camera angles sometimes distorts things in pictures, but dang he seems to dwarf you!
Hey Adrienne, That is our American Mammoth Jackstock jack - AMJR PCF Genesis...he is 15.2hh. I am 5'7" tall. He is our herd sire and the Daddy of all of our mules and we have three Mammoth jennets bred to him for winter babies. He is a lovebug and handled by a crew of women! Our mules are alot bigger, believe it or not:-) We have some yearlings that are pushing the 16hh mark now......my local Vet says that it is something in the water, I say it's good breeding...LOL. Actually, it's our big mares and Genesis. Hybrid vigor doesn't hurt! Deb
Hey Deb, this is Audrey, and I have used the Tennessee Equine Hospital a few times. I had a bad experience with my local vet and my mule, so I decided to find someone who was willing to listen to how I wanted my mule handled while getting shots and such. I took her to the TEH,and Doctor Matthew DeLisle was so good with my mule that he was able to draw blood ,give shots and everything with no trauma what so ever. He was willing to understand the differences between a mule and a horse!!!!! I will always take her to him from now on!!!! He has also done a wonderful job with my horses as well. Good luck and I hope everything goes well,Audrey Rody
Hey Audrey, thank you so much for letting me know your experience......we took a Friesian/Percheron cross mare and her 4 week old mule baby to a high end racehorse clinic (which shall remain un-named) in Lexington, KY a couple of weeks ago. After a 350 mile trip to get there, I must say the facility was amazing....fortunately the baby did not have to have surgery, she had just pulled a tendon, which is why I wanted a second opinion from them, plus if she needed surgery, we were there....well, when the "after report" was FAX'd to my Vet...they called my mule baby a "donkey", which kind of made me wonder! I realize that these folks used to dealing with top of the line racehorses probably thought that my mule was the Jed Clampett side of the equine family, but when we took the time and effort and money to take her there, they sure could have called her a mule (do they know the anatomical differences between the two?)! Anyway, we have a hoof issue with a Clydesdale cross mule baby and I am tickled pink that y'all are so happy with the doctors at TEH. Makes me feel comfortable with going there....Dr. Nimmo was very kind on the phone and we are going to take this baby and her Mama there next Tuesday. TEH also assured me that they know the difference between a mule and a donkey...LOL. Thank you making me feel better and responding to my question. I appreciate it! Deb
Shoot, y'all, I forgot that I said what clinic I went to in my initial question (I was trying to be more PC in my second posting!).....LOL! That'll teach me to post something before I have had all my morning coffee! DUH! Deb
I used TEH when my mare had a badly torn Digital Flexor last yr following an accident, she was a twice a month patient for Ultra Sound and shock wave therapy for about 4 months, my vet was Nathaniel Wright and he was wonderful, he always called me back if i had any questions, and i STAYED with every piece of advice to the letter that he gave me during her stall rest and beyond, i was first told that she may not be ridden again, but with time and the care she had, we are now trail riding and i have had no further problems, I would certainly recommend them and have no hesitation in using them again, plus, they now have a surgical facility which is very comforting to know, Good luck to you- Belinda
Thanks Belinda....everyone has been a Godsend with their experience and I fell soooooo much better knowing that I am finally going somewhere that people care and have so much medical experience. Needing an equine surgeon is not something that we need everyday, but when you do need one, boy it is great to know that you are going someplace that so many people recommend! Thank you so much, and I am so happy for you that your mare is well again and happy! Good for both of you!

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that our visit to TEH was fabulous, OK - except for Kenzie having to have surgery - but we will deal with this too. The facility is gorgeous, Dr. Nimmo was patient and kind and Pearl and Kenzie were treated like the diva's they are...LOL. Susan and I should be able to pick them up today so we will be making one more pass through the high end neighborhoods.....I want to thank all of you who took the time to reassure me about this facility. I am sorry that I had to take an animal there to get surgery, but I am happy that my Vet's can now refer patients there, so it was worth it. A 3 hour drive one way as opposed to a 7 hour drive one way to KY was a welcome change too, especially since we were on I-40 for the majority of it...thanks again Y'all, TTR folks are the best and if anyone needs anything from the west end of the state, just let me know! Deb
Deb, I'm so glad your visit to the TEH went well for you and your "Diva's". I hope little Kenzie gets well soon. Keep us up on how she's doing!!!! If you ever need to come up this way again and need a place to stay,feel free to come stay at my place. I live close to the TEH hospital. I would love to meet your girl's!!!HA-HA!!!! Take Care and God Bless You All, Audrey
When I lived in Spring Hill, Dr. Bob was my hero!!! I hope he is still there. His last name is McCollough. I'm not certain of the spelling....but he came out one Thanksgiving weekend at 4:00 a.m. to treat a colic for me and didn't even charge me extra! He stitched up a filly for me and floated teeth for an old mare I rescued and was REALLY great about it. She was 30 years old and gained almost 100 pounds in just a month or so afterwards. He really keeps his cool (I tend to panic when something happens to one of my "loved ones"! I cannot go on long enough about what a terrific vet he is! I found a new mechanic, dentist, even a new gynocologist! But I miss my vet the most!!!


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