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Does anyone know of places in the Middle TN area that are offering any Team Penning, Team Sorting, or Ranch Sorting events??


We live in Hartsville and are looking for places to ride in these types of events locally.  Thanks!

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There is a new barn that opened south of Pulaski near Prospect that offers team penning and roping once a week.
Thanks Melanie!  That is a bit far for us to drive... we are NE of Nashville near the KY line.

Check with TSC in Springfield. I heard that they are doing some sorting not far from there.

Norton Farms, in Springfield, TN is hosting a ranch sorting event each month. Payback event is third Sat. of each month and they have practices here and there. You can find them on facebook.


Yes, Nortons in Springfield is a family oriented place to sort.  You can team penn in Bowling Green. 



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