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Ok winter is coming and I may be stuck in the indoor at times. I am looking to teach Sunny to stand on a stump or rock like you guys do. Any tips on getting started on this?

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I've never taught a horse to do this....but my husband's TWH does it.(He was already trained to do it when we bought him.) It's nothing for him to do it on a picnic table! (I actually have it on my page with my friend Hillary on board). I DO know that you start them from the ground, though. Start with something low, and be sure it's wide enough for him to get both feet on. Put one foot up, like you'd put it on a farrier's stand. Then coax the other foot up. This is where the trick comes in! But be sure it's not a slick surface or too narrow. You don't want a foot slipping off...it could create a bad memory and make him not want to do it. Be armed with treats when he does it....if even for a couple of seconds. Once you get both feet off the ground, try to keep him up a bit longer each time. BE SURE TO PICK A CODE WORD EACH TIME YOU ATTEMPT IT. Like "up" or "stump" or something he can relate to. ANd use it EVERY time. I've heard people use phrases, too. Like "get up there", but one word seems simpler. Once he gets it, you won't have to say anything. But beware.....sometimes Red tries to stand on stuff when I'm actually wanting him to go OVER it! Hee Hee Hee! (He won't do it if I take him faster than a walk.) I am telling all this from what I've SEEN on the trails, like I say, I've never taught one myself. I have seen some of the guys teaching horses to do this and they mount WHILE the horse is on the log (or stump or whatever), but it can be tricky. I'd probably just get the horse comfortable with it, and once he associates the command word with the act, he should do it nicely while you're on him. A log is probably best to start on since a stump doesn't have as much room for him to put his feet on(or even a step or curb). Remember, a horse cannot see directly on the ground in front of him....so it's a little tricky! I see horses look like they're pawing when people try to put them on a really narrow stump....they're trying to find it! It really is a cool trick if you get him to do it well. Let me know how it goes! I might teach my big horse how to do it. (My little one has A.D.D., I think!! Hee Hee Hee!!!!) I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses to this....just be patient with your horse. It'll be worth it if he's comfortable doing it. I've seen people get mad and loose their temper.....doesn't make the horse want to do it any faster!
Start on a really big log or rock. Like at circle e. the lower the better. ride him up to it and keep his head looking at the rock or log even if he side steps it keep his head looking at it and clucking while spurring usually they jump the first time so be ready.
This is my little boy teaching his 2 year old
Jerimie I dont see any picture. But I do get the general idea,now that it's dark when I get out of work during the week im going to start working on this stuff. I'll get my trail rides in on the weekends.Thank all!


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