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Mike and I are inviting everyone to a get acquainted trailride at Bucksnort, ( see the upcoming events page)
We over 900 members on the forum now and its time to get acquainted.
If you can make it, go to the event and r s v p. and also, comment back here.

and also contact Linda Baker at Bucksnort and get signed up.

If you have some questions, post them here and Mike or I will try to answer them for you.

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It is also posted in the EVENTS section.
Marty -
We are going to this ride. I don't know the Bucksnort campground. Which are good elec & water sites for 2 or 3 trailers together?
Martyman, Linda Baker here....left a comment for Linda G. on just riding Saturday. 10.00.

Some of the members that want to "circle the wagons" as such, will have plenty of room over across the creek - with extra room on the side that faces the creek, they can arrange their trailers just about anyway they want. In a square - in a circle..one pull in, one back in to get the doors facing each other. Hey, it's the TTR Weekend, we'll do our best to make them as comfortable as possible. Don't forget - if they need to put food items in our big coolers in the kitchen - we got tons of room and are making those available. Also use of the big sinks for any clean-up and the dining hall is for them as well. We're gonna keep coffee and tea going for those that want it.

Marty, THANK YOU SO MUCH ! ! !

Linda B.
Marty, members can contact Tony on his cell phone, 615-419-6536 ( 6 am to 7pm daily)..he goes to bed with the chickens..... or leave a message on the recorder at the house, 615-662-7512. They can also email me at the bucksnort email at my home
bucksnorttr@comcast.net. I try to check it daily. or they can leave a msg for me on my page at the TTR site. I do want to stress for those that are bringing food items, they can use my big coolers in the kitchen(A big 6 door and a huge 2 door) or the 2 refrigerators we have.

Also we will be keeping coffee and ice tea available for them. Do we know yet if there will be a songwriters night on either Friday or Saturday night.?? The dining hall is available for use by the group as well.

Just an FYI

See ya soon

It looks like we are going to have a big crowd. I am getting some phone calls. If you want to call me, My sprint line 615 300 3806 or

verizon is 615 691 1684.

this is going to be a golden opportunity to meet and greet and eat. and work in a little trailriding.
Many folks that are going to attend ( but haven't rsvp yet ) are wanting to know about having a pot luck dinner on Saturday night. Linda says we can use her dining room.

I would like to see this happen. The Dinner would offer us a time to socialize and Mike is getting the entertainment together.

So, can we get some feed back on this. ?

From the phone calls I am getting, we have about 50 folks committed.
The TTR ride is getting much better, as Mike as lined up some great entertainment for Saturday night. Even if you can t make the ride, plan on coming down Sat evening for the " Hoe Down".

some trivia here. does anyone know how this term came to mean " it s time to party ?"


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