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Anyone have any good prevention and treatment advice for sun burn and blisters on that delicate white hair/ pink skin on the face around the nostrils etc?  I use a product that has zinc oxide as the main ingredient, but there maybe something better out there. Thanks

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I put waterproof/sweatproof water babies SPF 50 or higher sunblock lotion on mine every couple of days and it works pretty good. or i keep them in the barn during the day and let them out at night.
A little while after I posted on here, my gelding got bad, blistery sunburn on his nose. I went to the store and picked up a tube of the extra strength desitin (40% zinc oxide), and it cleared completely up after 3 applications. I only visit the barn at night, so I am not even sure how much was left by noon the next day. This stuff is too good to be true.


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