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Anyone have any good prevention and treatment advice for sun burn and blisters on that delicate white hair/ pink skin on the face around the nostrils etc?  I use a product that has zinc oxide as the main ingredient, but there maybe something better out there. Thanks

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while I was in AZ (and talk about intense sun let me tell you no comparison between AZ & TN) I used something called SportBlock sunscreen and it worked really good. It's made by Natures Gate.
At least it's a dry heat! My mom and I went to Pheonix, and when we landed they said it was 110 degrees. I didn't even want to get off the plane! But it was actually pleasant compared to the humidity here. 110 there was nicer than 85 here! But what's with all dirt!??! No grass!!! What do horses eat there? That was all I could think about. I never realized that grass had such an important job! Not only for my horses to eat, but when the wind blows, the dirt and sand is EVERYWHERE! I don't think my horses would like living there.
We use just the plain "no add" walmart brand sunscreen and it seems to work good also. Not sure how well it would hold up in AZ though. lol
Dont think youre the only one with that problem this year. I have a Palamino Roan Walking Mare who usually blisters some in the Tennessee Sun, but this year it is horrible. I guess from this hear and moiture from the dew in the mornings, it bakes it. I am so imbarressed. We have had her for 8 years and I have never seen her that bad. Good luck - I am trying different Zinc Oxcide porducts too.
Don't be embarrassed!!! It happens to any pink-skinned horse that has the luxury of full turn out. I'd rather put stuff on mine to protect him than to keep him in a stall all the time. He's miserable in the "pony penitentiary" (as we call the stalls! Seems like that's the way they see it, anyway! LOL!) I don't care if I have to put it on every day if it makes him happy to be out. :-)
I have had the best luck with diaper rash ointment. You say you are already using a product with zinc oxide, so you might want to compare the amount of that ingredient in your product and with that of Desitin or the off brands.
Desitin is GREAT for dew poisoning, too! (Scratches, mud fever....whatever you wanna call it!) It dries it out in just a few days if you catch it early. Not that we have to worry about that now, with all this dry weather and heat! Ugh!
You can also get the fly masks with a long nose piece that covers the nose. I have a white faced mare and we do both suncreen and the long fly mask. If she does get burned I use lanolin cream on the burned areas. She doesn't appreciate it but it makes me feel better about it!
I now what you mean. My SSH hates the stuff I put on his nose....but it's better the very next day! Sometimes, I think me horses' ailments bother me more than it bothers them. I can't bear the thought of them being uncomfortable!
I make custom horse clothing and I added an extention to my horse's fly mask. It is contoured to cover his nose to the lips. He can graze in it with no problem. I was given this horse and they had problems for years with his getting sunburnt. Thi is our second summer and no problem yet.
I have seen the extended fly masks, but they don't come down far enough for my horse's pink muzzle. I'd love to see what you made! You might have something there.....
I use Carona. It's really messy, and my horse doesn't like the smell. But it's extemely soothing. And I only have to apply it twice a week (he's on turn out 24/7). Once a week if he's not having any sunburn symptoms. I have seen commercials for Pony Sunblock. I meant to order some, but haven't had any problems this year. I think it's www.ponysunblock.com. But the Carona really does work! My big SSH got it pretty bad last year and I cured it in less than a week!(He had cracks around his mouth and bumps on his nose.) You might want to give it a try. (If you aren't familiar with the product, it's in a yellow tube. You can find it at Tractor Supply and Co-op. It's great for LOTS of horse ailments!!) A barn must have!!!


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