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Is anyone planning on going to the Strolling Jim Ride in Wartrace in May???

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Hi Tammy,I usually go when is?
I think the date on it is May 16
Hi there! I will be there on my mule along with my two friends on their gaited horses.
more info on this ride please
This ride is in Wartrace,Tn May 16 Everyone meets at the park & meet & then go through some beautiful riding country,
It costs $10.00 each It starts at 10:00am and half way through the ride they have a place you stop & they cook hamburgers & hotdogs & drinks for everyone. It is a very nice family ride.
Yes. We have been on this ride for the past couple of years. Can get a little interesting if the llamas are loose on the one farm you ride through. It is a really nice early spring ride through some really nice land. They also have one in the fall. The spring ride benefits Horseplay, which is a therapeutic riding program for handicap children. We do volunteer work with this group.
This year the ride is $15.00 each. If you need contact info let me know.
I just heard this morning that due to weather and ground conditions, the ride is postponed and re-scheduled for June 6th.
Who all is going Saturday to the Strolling Jim ride?? we have about 15 from our barn going.


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