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We rode yesterday and saw three snakes!!! One was a big black racer right by the trail,the horses weren't happy about it....the other two were copperheads in the creeks!!! I suggest that before you get in the creeks ,just sorta check it out for snakes!!! We want everyone to have safe trailrides!!! Oh Yeah,ticks are also out in numbers!!! Have a safe and fun Spring ,riding!!!

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We went to the Why Not Ranch today and ran into two snakes, I thought one rider was gonna come un-glued when she saw it!!! I don't care for them either,I know they are for the most part harmless...but!!! Yuck!!! We had a great ride and the weather was perfect!!! We are riding at Laurel Hill Wednesday and I hope the snakes stay away!!!lol
I can beat that. We were riding at Why Not today and saw five. If I hadn't seen one of them at the last minute he would have been part of a hoofprint. He never moved and we were within inches. Just a black snake, so no danger.
Heard through the grapevine that the Tennessee Wildlife Managers had released hundreds of Rattlesnakes at Laurel Hill. Something to do with an over population of turkeys..go figure. Supposedly the snakes eat the turkey eggs.
some one told me that the Dept of Agriculture had almost 200 mongooses caged up and ready to turn out at Laural Hill to take out the snakes when they get thru eating the eggs.
Hi dining for the mongoose, "snake and eggs" with busquit and gravey.
LOL!!! Laurel Hill is my favorite place to ride and I have never seen a poisonous snake there. Maybe a mongoose got loose! LOL I needed a good laugh today.
Be Blessed!


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