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We rode yesterday and saw three snakes!!! One was a big black racer right by the trail,the horses weren't happy about it....the other two were copperheads in the creeks!!! I suggest that before you get in the creeks ,just sorta check it out for snakes!!! We want everyone to have safe trailrides!!! Oh Yeah,ticks are also out in numbers!!! Have a safe and fun Spring ,riding!!!

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Me and my friend Karen would be riding the trails in Ocala, Florida and we came upon many rattlesnakes. So we used to sing or talk loud and say 'YO.... SNAKES!" as we rode to let them know we were coming. Come to find out... snakes are deaf!
That is funny. i can just picture you singing.
Where were you riding? I have only seen one copperhead when riding in our area but lots of black, chicken, or king snakes. The 'good' guys help keep the 'bad' guys away I think.
Hey Linda,We were at the Why Not Ranch when we saw the snakes!!! What color is water moccasins? I was told they were copperheads,but I don't know a thing about snakes!!! Have you heard that the Why Not Ranch is closing in October? That's sad cause I love to ride there...the trails are so nice!!! We are riding there tomorrow too!!! Later,Audrey
lol that is like me I wouldn't know one snake from another..they are all UGLY!
so if they are out , where is the best places to ride?
I have ridden all my life, all over and never had a problem with a snake. Most will get away from you if given the opportunity. Just be aware of your environment and have fun.
I believe we are going to be able to expand the trail system at Yanahli. Several of us have been working to get this for months and I was told yesterday to be patient that it was probably going to happen. TWRA is in agreement that this would be a good use of the property and good for our area. Don't know how long it will take. Will keep people updated as I learn more. Do you know what is going to happen with, "Why Not Ranch"? Is she selling or just keeping it private?
Let me know when you need help putting in the trails.........
Yea on Yanhali's expansion! I'm so sorry Why Not is closing. It's one of our favorites because you can choose easy or challenging trails depending on what's necessary that particular time. We'll be riding there often before Oct. closing.
Went to The Why Not Ranch today and we saw the black racer again!!! Snakes aren't a problem unless they spook your horse bad,which can happen...luckily my two year old didn't spook but he did look at him hard!!! I have heard about horses getting snake bitten too!!! I have rode all over the place and rarely ever see a snake ...but it sure seems like there are more out than usual this Spring??? I definetly won't let the snakes keep me from riding!!!lol,lol Great news about Yanali...I love to ride there too!!! Beth is not selling the Why Not ,just keeping it private I guess!!!
Hi Audrey, how did Gunner do on the trails?
He did really well...except for a couple of spooks,we even went up the Cow Er' up trail!!! We played around at the obstacle course and he did it all...I was proud of him!!! We ran into a big black racer again...I wonder if it was the same one we saw the other day!!1lol,lol Are we going to Laurel Hill Wednesday? It will be fun!!! Gun is ready!!! Later Cowgirl,Audrey
I am hoping to go, I am waiting to hear from a friend that wanted to go riding with me Wednesday. Jennie is still without a shoe and is gimpy in the pasture. Derek is coming Wednesday to put the shoe back on. I will take Goldie if we go to Laurel Hill. I will let you know by Tuesday.


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