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Are the trails in Tennessee rocky and rough and do the riders shoe their horses or go barefoot or even use hoof boots?

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Hoof care management is a responsibility between the horse, owner and trimmer. The horse has to have the genetics to go barefoot, the owner has to be committed to the process and above all the trimmer has to be competent. If your horse can go barefoot and not be sore that is great. But I want to make a point that not every horse can do this and the trimmer has to be honest and explain to the owner if a horse needs shoes or not. Recently, I have come across a few horses that have been dead dog lame after a few barefoot trims and it has taken quite a bit to get them back working again. So, my advise is this, if you are going to attempt to go barefoot use somebody competent, with referrals and be prepared to do your part. No farrier or trimmer can be held accountable if the owner isn't activally involved and maintains the intervals.
If the trim is properly done no horse should be "dead dog lame". I've transitioned several to barefoot and use boots to ride on rocky trails because my pastures have no rocks for the horses to become conditioned to. Most horses will be a little tender footed for a short time after the shoes are pulled but all of mine have been rideable immediately with boots.
I agree that if you are going barefoot you must be committed and use a trained knowedgeable "trimmer" and learn to help maintain the hoof between trims.
I love the way my horses move without shoes. I have found that they stumble less. Maybe because they pay more attention to where they put their feet? Or maybe because they can actually feel their feet!
I wanted to add that if a horse continues to be lame or gets worse I'd find a new trimmer because something is being done wrong!
BTW, I use a certified trimmer from north MS and have a BFF in Memphis who uses a different certified trimmer who comes down south from KY.


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