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I saw some photos a couple of days ago that were made at 7 Springs. I thought I had jotted down the name of the photographer...but I can't find it. I was wondering if someone could tell me a little about the ride and facility. We had talked about making the trip last year but never got around to it...no one I personally know has ever been...love to hear a review.

Thanks so much,


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Seven Springs is a really pretty place to ride. It's about an hour's drive from my house. The trails go back and forth along a cleared underground pipeline right-of-way, but there's plenty of "hills-n-hollers" too. The trails that go to the indian shelters go through some gorgeous rock formations. There's also a waterfall with a pool at the bottom that you can cool off in in the summertime, but I haven't personally been on that trail yet. They have two really cool two story "cabins" made out of large metal grain storage bins. The living area is on the bottom floor and the bunk rooms are on the upper floor. The camping area has hookups but no shade, but they do have covered stalls available for your horses now, so that's nice. There is a nice bath house too, and a nice lodge with a wrap-around porch, swimming pool and hot tub. The dining facilities are only open during large organized rides and consist of a large open-air shed with picnic tables under it. They will let you use their gas grill if you're just weekend camping though, but you need to bring all your own food. You do need to call ahead when planning a ride though because they also sponsor large ATV group rides on some weekends so you sure don't want to show up there with a horse then. (been there, done that, learned to call ahead) So in a nutshell, it's a gorgeous place with nice facilities. I've attached a few pictures, but there are more in my albums if you'd like to look.

Thanks so much for replying to my question about 7 Springs. Looks like a destination for 2009.

Do you have a web address for Seven Springs?
You should go, it is worth the trip. Faye, Danny, and William are great host. Lots and lots of trails from the easy open fields to rocky hills, woods, shaded and unshaded. You can ride easy or hard. They have the pool and hot tub open in the summer. We ride in the morning, come in and swim and then go back out in the afternoon. My grandkids love it alot. They have two silos that are cabins to rent. Campsites, stalls covered and uncovered.
The America's Trail Ride Assoc, is having a ride there, April 30th to May 3. If you go that weekend you will have to make resv. with Kenny Gladden, www.americastrailride.org (256)390-6366. Other weekends contact Seven Springs Lodge, www.sevenspringslodge.net I know Gloria Ussery, and Jeanie Rhea both have pictures on there homepage of them at sevens springs cause I took them
Hope to see you there, We will be there. We have 4 trips planned there this year.


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