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Hey all,

We are planning a trip to Seven Springs Lodge in Alabama 4th of July weekend. Anybody been there? Got any tips, advice on trails or warnings?

How are the trails? Do we need the extra trail pass or is there enough nice trails to fill a weekend on the lodge property? Thanks for any info.

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I haven't been there, but it is on my bucket list of places to ride. Please share your opinion when you get back. I know there are folks on here who have been, hopefully they will comment and give you some feedback. Happy Trails and Ride Safe!
I went a couple of weeks ago and loved it,the only thing is if I didn't have someonewho knew the trails I would of got lost
As with any other place, you just really have to go to decide for yourself because people have so many likes and dislikes of their own.
I have been there only one time, with an organized ride, so I don't have a lot of knowledge about it. I have heard lots of people who really like it, but my impression after that one trip was that I didn't like it much. We rode with a group and the trail we stayed on was mostly in the open sun, more like a wagon trail. We were told that we weren't taken on other trails because there was so much mud due to the dirt bike group, or whatever, that was using the trails part of the time. We also did not much like the campground. It is all in the open sun and during that organized ride we were just kind of all packed in there.
As I said, my experience there is very limited and we may try it again sometime, but certainly not in the hot summer, and not with an organized ride. We usually prefer just to ride out in our own small group.
The restaurant, however, is awesome! We have actually been back to it since the camping trip.
I will be glad to read some other peoples opinions on it, as well as your feedback once you have gone. I would like to know what all we missed.
Hope you have a great time!
We went in March, 2010, and had a great time. We met friends from MS, and were not with an organized group. The owner/staff could not be nicer and more accommodating. He would not take our money at registration, because he said if it rains one day, we didn't have to pay a fee to ride that day, just the camping and stall fees. The campground is plain, and out in the open. The stalls are fine. The restaurant is fabulous! You will love the Rattlesnake Saloon, so unique, and the food is good. I thought the trails were marked pretty well, and liked that every marker has a white one, if you want to take the shortest way back, always follow the white arrow. Two fabulous places to see are Wavy Rock and Bald Knob. Spectacular view from atop Bald Knob. You can choose to ride in the open or the trails. Take the map along. I thought it was plenty of riding trails. Negative for us was that it rained before and during our visit, so we had yucky mud to deal with on the trails. Really bad mud. That forced us to try to ride the wooded narrow trails, instead of the wider main trails. But in some areas, there is no way to avoid it. The mud was pretty miserable. But, like I said, it rained a lot before our trip, and some during. Really, the mud was our only negative. I would definitely go back there. Our whole group said the same thing.
Don't forget to have your horse's health certificates if you are crossing the state line.


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