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Is anyone going to ride this Saturday? My usual posse is going to Circle E, but I have a birthday party Saturday night that I HAVE to attend, and I agreed to work Sunday for a coworker whose kid is also having a birthday. But I could ride Saturday at Why Not, Primm Springs, Water Valley, Natchez Trace...is anyone going?

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Going to be at Laurel Hill around 10am.
Hey Linda, just wanted to say 'Thanks' again for inviting me and loaning me your saddle pad. Who knew a pad could cause so much drama! lol Anyway, I had a blast and hope to ride with yall again sometime...this time wth a tacky tack pad. Really liked Laurel Hill and will be going back with my posse.
Where is Laurel Hill? Thanks!
It is just past Summer Town, west of Lawrenceburg. Where do you live? You might could meet us. Most people know how to take 43 south toward Lawrenceburg. At Summertown/Hwy 20 there is a Shell Station and a Sonic. People pull in and meet me at the Shell Station. Just let me know, you will need to be there between 9:30-9:45.
We might just join you. I'd like to see Laurel Hill with all those rock formations in the winter.

Alice Coble
Hope you do, would love to ride with you girls again.
Hey Linda, I google mapped it and found how to go and where 20 and 43 meet. I have my trailer hooked up, saddle and stuff loaded...I am ready to go. My cell number is 477-7804...if you see a white F150 4x4 pulling a maroon trailer driving around looking lost...call me! lol See ya in the morning! I am so excited! Thanks for inviting me.
We're going to Laurel Hill on Saturday. :) Hopefully we'll see you there.
Yes, you have to take VFW road in and turn right on Finney Rd and go about a mile to the parking area on the right. We will be there about 10am. If you want you can meet us at the Shell Station at Summertown /hwy 43/20 intersection. Between 9:30 and 9:45 am. Just let me know.
Hi Dana, hope to see you and your daughter and everyone else too! Never been to Laurel Hill, hope I don't get lost. I am going to check Google maps now.
Linda , Adrienne & all,

Suzanne and I had a great time also, even though it was an adventure! Laurel Hill is beautiful, perhaps a little challenging for a ride this early in the season, but we do love it. We helped a friend with her horse today. She and the horse did great. It was the first time she had ridden in a long time after her illness. We'll try and get together soon!

Alice Coble
Yeah, a 4 hour ride may have been a little ambitous for me...I haven't ridden that long since before Christmas. I was a little stiff and sore all day! Definitely worth it though! Can't wait to go back with my posse. I am envisioning a trip when it is hot. A morning ride and afternoon swim with the horses, then ride home in evening. The lake was so pretty!


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