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So are we meeting at the pot luck saturday nite to find out the winners?

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Sunday night, the 4th, at 6:30, we will have a pot luck BBQ after the winners are announced. The weather is supposed to cool off and be great for riding. Did you talk Tommy into it ?
Not yet, but I'm still trying. I want to come. Keep your fingers crossed.
We have not sold many raffle tickets yet, Teresa will push them tonight at pizza night up at WildHorse market. The saddle is on display up there. We had sponsors pay for the saddle, so we do not have to cover the cost with ticket sales. Chances are very good to win it. Someone WILL win a $600 saddle for a $10 ticket, and all the ticket money will go to St Jude. That's right raffle ticket prices have been slashed to $10. This is a brand new trail saddle, 16' seat, from High Horse saddles, it only weighs 22 pounds, great for trail riding. We are also giving away tee shirts, hoof picks, and other prizes.

Plus Ed's pulled pork barbecue will be served at the free potluck supper after the winners are announced, and the prizes given out.
I'll take 2 tickets please. Do I have to be present to win?


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