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A stirrup leather broke on one of my western saddles. Can anyone recommend a good saddle repair shop? I am in Joelton, so any place within an hour would be fine. Thank you!

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Go to Penchem's in Guthrie, KY they are great......


You can call Randi Hightower in Cedar Hill.  She has done quite a bit of saddle work for me and usually does a good job.  615-696-2811   She can fix anything from a saddle to sewing your belts back on a blanket or any type of leather work
Thank you! I will give her a call.
Andy Gingerich is a amish guy in Ethridge. He does excellent saddle work well worth the money. Like I said, he is Amish so he has no phone or Electricity. If you are interested in him give me a shout and I will get you directions. Maybe this will help you. (31-446-1773


If you decide on Andy Gingerich and have a GPS I can give you his address if that helps.

Jane Dugger


Henry Miller Saddle Sales

Bedford Tack in Shelbyville


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