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I am looking to get a new saddle pad. I have looked at a bazillion online and decided to ask the TTR members for opinions before I buy. I did see a neoprene one that was about 3/4" thick with no fleece or other material on it, it wasn't a Tacky Tack...has anyone used these? Seems like it would be too hot in the summer. The one I really did like was over $250.00! Not looking to spend that much since I am just a casual trailrider and not a competitive endurance rider or anything. Any opinions/suggestions as to brand would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I really would like a round skirted barrel racer type shape to go with my round skirt saddle. Thanks!

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Hi Adrienne,

I saw a tweet that lead me to your question here. Toklat Woolback and Coolback saddle pads are very popular because the prices are so reasonable and they work well for distance and pleasure riding. Skito Equalizer pads are also popular because they provide shock absorption with open cell foam inside the pads. Feel free to check out my profile for a link to my site and these pads. Happy to answer any questions.
Love the Skito pads!
Thanks, Robin!
Hi Tracy, I went to your website and I have to say...you have some pretty cool stuff! You had several really handy things that I have never seen anywhere else. Thanks for the link! I got some great ideas for myself and for gifts.
Thanks so much, Adrienne!


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