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I am looking to get a new saddle pad. I have looked at a bazillion online and decided to ask the TTR members for opinions before I buy. I did see a neoprene one that was about 3/4" thick with no fleece or other material on it, it wasn't a Tacky Tack...has anyone used these? Seems like it would be too hot in the summer. The one I really did like was over $250.00! Not looking to spend that much since I am just a casual trailrider and not a competitive endurance rider or anything. Any opinions/suggestions as to brand would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I really would like a round skirted barrel racer type shape to go with my round skirt saddle. Thanks!

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I have a equipedic pad that I bought for a saddle that didn't work. It has been used exactly 1 time. 190.00 new would sell it for 150.00 It is a 30x31 works well with rounded skirt
Hi Adrienne, just my opinion- I purchased my wife a pad for a round skirt that has worked really well, called ESP made by Classic Equine. She loves it so much that I decided to buy myself one for a square skirt. I paid about $150.00 for hers at the National Bridle Shop in Lewisburg. I just ordered mine yesterday from Lancasters Western Wear for $ 137.00. The round skirt is also avalible at this store. Happy Trails !
I think the tacky pads are quite cool due to all the holes in them. Like a screen grid of cling rubber, I like them for their anti slip properties. I saw a number of round skirt tackys at bedford tack, under $50 I think.
But I always use a corrector pad under whatever else is used. They are $180 I think just for the working part of it. Have to order them from Len Brown.
I have several of the ESP's as well, and don't use anything else.
The ESP pad by Classic Equine is a great saddle pad. I have used these pads for several years and the horse's have had no problems. Layered with wool, memory foam and orthopedic wool. Makes an attractive, comfortable and easy to care for pad.
I have an ESP Classic Equine and I also like it except for it has a felt top which hair, grass, hay sticks to. I mainly use the Professional Choice Twenty X now which seems to be about the same except it has a fabric top. Both run about the same cost wise - around $150. Users of Supacor say if you want a forever premium pad look at a Supacor or Saddle Right. Made out of the material that they use in the seat of wheelchairs to stop pressure points. They have a Supacor at National Bridle Shop.
Love the Tacky Tack pads. I have two, I use the round skirt pad under my english saddle and the square pad for my circle y western. They are easy to care for and they are no slip.
I just ordered an ESP from Lancasters Western Wear and called to ask a few questions. They were very helpful. Just a note, I got the pad for $137.00 but they informed me that their price had gone up to $169.00 and they just had not gotten around to changing their website. I think I got a great buy. Hope this pad is as good as the reviews!
I would suggest you go find one in person that you like so you can see what you are buying. I agree it's ridiculous to pay $250 for a saddle pad. I have a fleecy one I've had for over 20 yrs. and it washes & wears well so I just can't get rid of it. I had to buy another one a year ago and got one for $50 at National Bridle shop that had a fleecy underneath and the more fabric looking on top. I still like my fleecy one best because it can be totally washed in the washing machine. I have never used the neoprene things, but do have a small one I use on occasion under an English saddle but doubt I'd trail ride in it.
Well I ended up buying 2 new pads, both of them New Zealand wool...one for trailriding and one for showing (if I do end up showing). The first time I used one of the pads on a trail ride, I had to stop and resaddle 4 times due to it slipping so badly! I actually fell off one time! Poor Little Rock probably thought I was trying to cut him in two, because I kept tightening the cinch so much! Finally I had to borrow a tacky tack pad from someone else who had 2 pads to be able to finish the ride! I have never had this happen before, but my pads either had fleece or tacky tack on the bottom. So...I ordered some tacky tack underpads from the Tacky Tack website and I am going to sew them to the bottom of my new pads. I hope this fixes the slipping problem, or I will be back in the market for a new pad! I will let you members know how this works! I bought one of the pads because it was a very pretty design in a particular color combination that I wanted in case I started doing country boy shows, but it didn't come with either fleece or tacky tack on the bottom. I won't be without the tacky tack on my pads ever again!

Try the Classic Equine ESP saddle pad...you will be very happy with it...Retails for around $150 to $170...you can on occasion find a deal on them on e-bay. I have two I have used for several years and have bought them as gifts as well. They make the pad in a couple of shapes and styles.
Hi Gary, the problem I have been having is finding a round skirted one. And of course it has to be a pretty pattern or color! lol Many square pads are just too big. My horse is tall but he isn't very long in the body and the big square pads just hang over his butt! The round skirted ones are a much better fit for my round skirted saddle. I am going to try out my plan to sew the tacky tack under pads to my new pads before I invest any more money in a new pad...especially one that costs so much, but will check them out just in case...! lol


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